Responsible Tourism

What it Means to Travel Responsibly

When vacation time approaches, we look forward to having a change of scenery, living new experiences, and discovering different cultures and unknown places. In other words, we want something out of the ordinary. 
A truly special vacation means being a responsible tourist.  Foreign cultures and places can make this a challenge when we're traveling abroad.  When we travel, we buy products and services that are not a usual part of our daily consumption: transportation, hotels, restaurants, tours, sports, souvenirs, etc.  If we wish to be responsible tourists, we must try to limit our impact on the environment and countries we are visiting. 

Tourism has registered explosive growth during the last few decades and for many countries, such as Mexico, it has become an extremely important source of revenue.  While regions are grateful for the financial stability, tourism can put a strain on communities and the environment.  To minimize the social and environmental impacts of tourism, new methods and initiatives have taken root. These methods strive for a balance between economic benefit, social development, cultural preservation, respectful contact, and caring for the environment.  Many refer to these initiatives as responsible, sustainable, ecological or green tourism. 

In addition to the positive tourism packages that encourage responsible practices, we can also contribute to eco-tourism through our own personal conduct.

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a real good afternoon the was very good and walking and swimming in the caves was out of this world. Down side the price of the pictures is a rip off $25 for one or $69 for all the pics they took. Glen B.   Read More

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