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Useful Information and Answers for Our Visitors

What is the minimum age for being able to participate?

Four years old.

Do minors have to be accompanied by an adult?

Yes, they must be accompanied by an adult.  Even though we have a tour guide, an adult must be personally responsible for any minors.  However, if you wish to have a tour with a group of children, there can be a ratio of five children for every adult.  

Do you sell videos taken of each tour group?

We do not sell videos, but we do take photographs of your tour. You can purchase these photos individually and we also sell CDs featuring many photos of your expedition including a few classic pictures of the nature reserve. 

Can I take a camera with me on the tour?

In order to protect the safety of individuals, the group and the cave, you are not allowed to bring photography or video equipment into the caves, since you can slip or damage a natural structure while inside.  However, you may use them outside the cave. 

During the expedition, we have professional photographic equipment and lighting inside the cave, which allows us to safely capture your adventure on film and deliver high quality photographs.  Common cameras are barely able to generate a bright enough flash inside Ro Secreto and they are unable to capture and illuminate the beauty and scope of the entire cave.  

Are there lockers available?

Yes, we have lockers with keys, available to you at no extra cost.

Can pregnant women participate in the tours ⁄ programs?

Since this tour takes place inside caverns, the path is windy and the ground is hard limestone rock that can be a little slippery in some areas.  Although it is not high impact, risky or arduous, for the safety of individual visitors as well as the group, we do not recommend the tour for pregnant women, nor for persons with claustrophobia, heart problems, difficulty walking. 

Is there a route that does not have stairs or one that suits people who have difficulty walking?

No. Our goal is to leave the cave untouched and preserved in its natural state. The tours only path winds through rocky, natural formations. 

How thick is the wetsuit?

It is 2.5 to 3 millimeters thick.

If I dont know how to swim, can I still take the tour?

It is not required that you know how to swim. You only need to know how to float. The in-water portion of the tour is very brief and shallow. In addition, you will be aided by your life jacket and wetsuit, which help you stay afloat. 

What is the temperature of the water?

The water is cool, with a temperature of 22 C to 24 C, or 69 F to 75 F.  However, our visitors wear neoprene wetsuits and life vests to keep them comfortable and help mitigate the brisk water temperature. 

What does the tour consist of?

This is a one-of-a-kind, guided cave tour that includes a combination of walking and swimming. 

What happens if I want to go on the tour, but I have a child that is younger than the age in which theyre allowed to participate?  Do you have someone who can take care of children who are too young to take the tour? 

In these cases, please ask Ro Secreto in advance if there is someone who can care for your children, specifying the date and time in which the babysitter will be needed, this service has an additional cost. 

Isnt the cost of the tour a little high, considering the amount of time that youre in the cave? 

For the cost of the tour, you are given exclusive access to a scientific wonder and lead by expert guides who happily share their knowledge of the area. You will use high-quality equipment and follow well-maintained paths to allow for optimum safety and enjoyment.  Our technically advanced photography system will take photos of you as you make your way through this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Rest assured, the cost includes many things to make your tour memorable and the amount of time you spend in the cave will absolutely fulfill your expectations.

Is the cost of transportation very high?

$109 USD includes the Ro Secreto tour and transportation from Riviera Maya, but you can also get there on your own by taking public transportation and paying the admission fee of $79 USD . See the instructions, How do I get to Ro Secreto?

Should I arrive ahead of time for my tour?

Yes, we recommend that you arrive at the nature reserve ticket office at least 20 minutes before the time your tour starts. 

Should I bring money for extra expenses?

Really, there are no additional expenses inside the reserve.  However, we recommend that you take along some cash for purchasing souvenirs, photographs and/or for tipping the guides.

Do I need to bring sun protection? 

The tour takes place in the shade since you are inside the cave almost the entire time, so you are not really exposed to the sun.  We also ask all visitors to take a quick shower before going into the cave in order to eliminate possible toxins like lotions, makeup and hair gel that could pollute the cave and harm its delicate ecosystem.  

How do I know what services are included and not included in my tour?

To see whats included, please visit the pages for the type of tour you prefer:
Admission fee only
Admission fee + transportation from Cancun
Admission fee + transportation from the Riviera Maya

How can I get and / or recover my photos?

Find below contact details of our photography team who gladly, may help with this issue, only need to send an email to:
                Call Us!
Mex 01-800-681-6713
USA/CA (888)-844-5010



a real good afternoon the was very good and walking and swimming in the caves was out of this world. Down side the price of the pictures is a rip off $25 for one or $69 for all the pics they took. Glen B.   Read More

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