Amazing day xox

Amazing day wish it was longer staff were great location was close to my hotel the meal was a nice touch after. Roxanne074, Visited September 2012

Beautiful and Safe

This is one of the best caves I've ever visited. If you are afraid, don't be, the route is easy and pretty wide open. If you can manage to get a large group together then the tour will go farther. There are places along the tour that they stop to take photos of each group, there were 7 in our family and then a family of three, so there were only 2 pictures to take so it went fast and the guide was able to take us deeper into the cave. Also the grounds around the cave were very pretty and well maintained. The Lunch was spectacular and authentic. Rice, Beans, veggies, potatoes, Taquitos, and wonderful tropical tea. I also really appreciated the Mayan Cleansing Ceremony that they performed before entering the cave! This is a must see for education, adventure, and outright fun! FilmNeil Visited September 2012

one of the best attractions I have ever gone on

Rio Secreto is a tour of cenotes where you walk, flost and swim through the caves. All the equipment is supplied - helmet, wetsuit, swimshoes & a walking stick if you need it.. You are not allowed to bring a camera but they take pictures for you. The tour is a couple hours and they fed us an excellent lunch after which they called a "snack". Mauricio was our guide. He was very knowledgeable, helpful, friendly and spoke English very well. Different guides speak different languages. My favourite part was flosting through the caves and when everyone shut off their lights and we sat in the darkness. You could not see your hand if front of your face. Make sure you do as the guide tells you and take big, high steps - it helps get your footing. Michelle_B563, London, Canada. Visited December 2011


My husband and I (ages 59) and my son and his fianc all took this tour offered thru Carnival Legend cruise. We all loved it. It was a little outside of the box for all of us but we think it was such an adventure and know we will never see anything like it again. All I can say is, Go, Go, Go. Our guide was Linda and she was fantastic and the pictures are truly a memorable keepsake. If you want to do something a little different, take this tour. DolceItalia, Williamsport, Pennsylvania- November 30, 2011

Beautiful exerience!

On our vacation to Riviera Maya our travel agent suggested we try Rio Secreto as an excursion. As my husband has health problems I decided to go myself. It was beautiful! We went in a small group that was warm and friendly, the staff was great! Our guide Alfredo did a wonderful job, it was easy to see he loves what he does each day! I would suggest this for your visit! It is a bit physical but they go slow and remind you to walk with confidence and take your time! Hope you have as much fun as I did! HeatherAn - August 30, 2011- Kansas City, Missouri

Very Rugged Adventure - Fantastic Guide

Three not-so-fit mature ladies from NYC visited the underground river and caves with our kind, patient and oh-so-careful guide - Senor Alfredo. When we booked the trip, we had been told there were few stairs and the excursion could easily be done by older knees/hips as well as very rudimentary swimmers. Alfredo guided us, slowly, step-by-step, alerting us when there were sharp rocks to either side of us. He told us "lift your knees with confidence!" (it was his mantra!) and he helped us enjoy a truly challenging 2 hour underground trek. A mom, dad and their two young boys (from London) were in our group and they had a much easier time of it than we three - the kids got a big kick out of the bats, the catfish, and the nearly invisible shrimp in the river. Life jackets, water shoes and helmets required - wet suits optional (all provided by the preserve). Daniela P- August 24, 2011, New York City, New York -Tripadvisor

Best experience in the Yucatan

I grew up in the mountains of Colorado and caving was one of my favorite activities- in fact, my brother and I would scour the hills and try to find unscouted caves in addition to the ones that were on maps. Rio Secreto was incredible and likely the best caving experience I've ever had the fortune to enjoy. The natural beauty of the cave with its formations, fossils, water system, mayan archaeological remains are part one to the formula- incredible guides and a well run company are the second. It was the highlight of our trip to the Riviera Maya- kids, adults, cavers and non-cavers alike. We had our kids- ages 10-12 along and they were able to do the experience as well and also claimed it as their highlight. adventure...
August 23, 2011 seattle -Tripadvisor


This was the highlight of our trip. Our guide Alfredo was AMAZING. We had our 5, 7 and 12 year old boys with us. The 7 year old as a little scared to start, but was trying to lead the tour by the end. Our 5 year old was scared almost the whole time and our guide CARRIED HIM THE WHOLE WAY. He didn't make that seem like a burden, either. It was a great experience. DO IT! Although there is a cost for the Pictures, it is much less expensive and you feel less ripped off than you do at other excursions. For the $99 package, you get three souvenirs. These include a choice of bottle of local liquor (Xtabeltum?), swim shirts or printed photos. This is in addition to the CD of photographs. Tigger303, July 31, 2011- Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania -Tripadvisor

An amazing sight

We booked the Rio Secreto Tour after reading the Trip Advisor reviews and it did not disappoint. The fun starts when you get on the van and go for a bumpy ride to the rally point where you meet your guide. Our guide was Rafa. He was very friendly, knowledgeable and truly loves what he does. He stressed the importance of respecting the site and not disturbing anything in the cave. The best part is when he tell you to turn off your headlamps and you sit in complete darkness for about a minute. You are not allowed to bring anything on the tour so they have a photographer follow your group around and you can purchase the pictures at the end (a little expensive but they are worth it). The snacks at the end were good but don't expect them to fill you up. Skip the parasailing and wave runners! Rio Secreto is a must! Escobamx, July 25, 2011, Richmond, Virginia- TripAdvisor

The best Excursion of our trip

We actually booked this one with the ship. The challenge of getting there from a ship was a little daunting so we let them guide us door to door.We started early on the ferry to the mainland. Sitting on the stern we had a wonderfully bumpy ride and chatted with David who is from Halifax. He was on this trip by himself as his wife was not really an underground secret river type person.Angel met us at Playa del Camon and our group of nine now boarded a van. It took us about 20 minutes to get out of town and then up a very bumpy road into the jungle. We were in introduced to our guide Gonzo and he outfitted us with wet suits, watershoes, helmets, and lights. He made us hit the washroom and have a shower. THIS TRIP WAS AWSOME!!!We started into the caves, (cenote) at times we were walking, wading, swimming and walking chest deep down the river. The sights were more than I really could imagine even having seen the photos ahead of time. We saw crab spiders, also know as whip spiders, bats and catfish. Gonzo was so excited to share his love of the cenote we were in you couldn't help but realize how lucky you were to have him as a guide and to have the honour of exploring the river. We were not to touch things, not to pee in the water, and no cameras. One area had the stalactites quite red/brown looking. That apparently was created by a fridge door being dumped on the jungle floor and left to rust.Two hours sped by and out we came for a light lunch and relaxing in the hammocks.Angel met us and back to Playa del Carmon where there was time for a wander though town and a dip in the water, Berfore we took the ferry arriving back on the ship at 4:50 with a departure at 5. We were fine with the photo cd and the cost was high, but the photos were great and it was something that I enjoyed completely. cruisin_11, Jun 10, 2011 Coconut Creek, Florida - TripAdvisor

Really cool, fun, different experience on vacation!

My wife and I booked this excursion from our Royal Carribean Cruise stop in Cozumel. It was a great experience. Dante was our guide. Very nice, friendly, educated, & fun guide. Never been in caves before, always looking for that different experience... go to beaches all the time. They do not allow you to take your own pics, you have to buy theirs. $69 for allyour pics of the day plus a bunch of stock photos. I think its worth it, gotta have pics of this to show your friends and family. Would highly recommend this trip. sbarrea, Jun 8, 2011 Coconut Creek, Florida - TripAdvisor


My husband and I just returned from a Carnival cruise which took us to Cozumel as our final stop. Months in advance of this holiday, I booked our shore excursions through the cruise line and chose the "Amazing Secret River" at Rio Secreto as our final adventure. What an incredible way to round out a fantastic holiday!! With Alfredo as our guide, we stepped down into another world and were completely blown away. This is a fantastic adventure and easy enough for most people. We had the added bonus of being included in a secret marriage proposal in the pitch blackness of one of the caverns. Kudos to that fellow for his creativity!!! Alfredo was an excellent guide and at one point, as we were floating through a narrow passageway, he pointed out the gurggling sound of the formations and told me he like to think of it as "Mother Nature's heartbeat"...that will stay with me forever. His obvious love of this underground paradise contributed to our enjoyment. I will be sure to visit this park again as I think you could wander the same path for years and never see all that is there. I highly recommend this trip!! Thank you to Alfredo and the staff at Rio Secreto for ending my holiday on a high note. Candus - Kelowna, BC Canada

If you are planning to go to the Mayan Riviera, THE place to visit definitely

Guau! I'm still amazed at the beauty of this place. I've been at the Mayan Riviera about 10 times, but never saw that kind of beauty. Since you arrive to the last goodbye, the staff is knowledgeable, professional and very friendly. They make you feel safe and therefore, enjoy the experience 100%, and now I can confirm "The most beautiful underground river". If you have the chance to go when visiting the Riviera Maya does not think 2 times. MonyOlivares, Mar 11, 2011- Mexico City, Mexico - TripAdvisor

The very best natural reserve cenote in the Playa Del Carmen area not to be missed by any tourist.

This is an exciting tour through the underground natural reserve which comes at a very reasonable price and makes a great family adventure. The guides are excellent and take you through an incredible experience to see a most beautiful preserve of underground rivers in their natural state. Truly a wonderful experience for any age. magyar42, Mar 10, 2011- Puerto Aventuras Mexico, TripAdvisor

To the staff of Rio Secreto,

"On the 20th of December my friend and I got off of our cruise ship the Carnival Freedom in Cozumel and boarded a ferry for the mainland.  We had booked a tour in a so called "secret river" under the Yucatan peninsula.

 We had no idea what was in store for us that day.

Once on the mainland we were loaded into a van and taken on a ride.  As we were nearing our destination we saw large highway signs proclaiming "Secret River next exit"  and were wondering how secret our tour would really be.  While making small talk with the other tourists in the van we turned down a beaten road and started driving through the jungle in earnest.  The conversation started to dry up as our surroundings started sinking in.  Beautiful scenery surrounded the road.  After a ride full of bumps we arrived at our destination, a group of open buildings in the middle of the forest.  We were shown the lockers where we could put our valuables and our clothes while the staff got us shorty wetsuits, helmets and life jackets.  With the amount of tourists starting to arrive it was time to shower off and get a move on.  We were told to clean all the shampoo, deodorant, and sweat off of us, and I don't mind saying that the group of Canadians we were with complained the most about the chilly water we were pouring over ourselves.  

At this point we were handed off to our specific guide, and started walking to the entrance of the underworld.

I wish I had the ability to describe the time that followed.  We walked down into a hole in the earth that had trees jutting out at odd angles, vines covering every inch of forest floor.  The light slowly disappeared as we made our calm walking descent into the heart of Mexico.  The sight was so awe inspiring that we didn't notice the final cracks of light being left in the distance.  Stalactites staring down at us we continued our trip ever deeper eventually sliding into the clear water that flows through the maze.  

After an indeterminate amount of time we emerged at another point in the forest.  Having walked, swam, and floated through a remarkable series of sights our small talk had all but petered out, replaced by a silence in the awe of the raw power of nature.

I'm writing this knowing I will probably never be able to afford another trip down to Mexico, or have a chance to take the longer tour.  But I wanted all the staff to know how inspiring a trip you are giving to people.  Our guide, who we were told to call Gonzo, was amazing, and sounded like he genuinely loved his job, and where he worked.  And | don't think anyone could blame him for that.  A large part of how much we enjoyed the trip was thanks to him and the information he imparted.

The one comment I would make is the importance of washing off prior to our descent.  If we had known how important it was at the start of the tour I'm certain all of us would have washed harder to help protect the caves, but we only understood the true danger of oils on our skins by the end of the tour when it was explained and demonstrated to us.

That day turned out to be the standout of our vacation.

I want to thank all of the staff, for letting us down into that world.  For giving us a glance at the beauty of what was there.
Everyone in our group is fairly certain that it will be closed to tourists eventually considering the damage that we can do to it, so once again, thank you for showing us this wonderful world, and I'm going to work hard to get down there again for another look."
Dec 29th 2010, Daniel Dudley, Ottawa, Canada

Best place i've visited in Yucatan!
Don't miss this. Forget about Xcarets, Xalas. or Xplores. This is a "must go". The tour takes about 1h30m and it's amazing. In the cave is all dark but you carry light with you. On the way to underground river we even saw a tarantula on the road. If you miss it you WILL BE SORRY!- Escut, Matosinhos, Portugal, Oct 6, 2010 

"An experience like no other - don't pass on the memorable opportunity"
While recently vacationing in Playa del Carmen we visited Rio Secreto and participated in an experience we will never forget. Our family of five (two adults, three teens ages 17, 15 & 15) had visited a cave previously on another vacation, however this was unique and quite different. Rio Secreto is nature at its finest and possibly unlike any other place in the world. The formations inside are unbelieveable and reflect natures work over 1,000s of years. No words can accurately describe what we saw and the water inside makes the location all the more special.

We had the last tour of the day, so once we arrived at the facility, we checked in and waited for another group to join us. As it turned out they were a no-show so our tour was just our family. How lucky were we?
After a brief preview of what we were about to do, off we went in a van that took us on a jungle road for a fifteen to twenty minute drive to the location of the cave. Our ride there was longer than the return trip due to our driver carefully avoiding water filled ruts and potholes. More about the return trip later.

Once we arrived at the cave site we were greeted by Aida, our guide for the afternoon. She was awesome! Very knowledgeable and definately enjoys her work. We were issued a locker to store our belongings, asked to shower off at an outdoor shower similar to what you would see at a beach so as to not contaminate the water or the inside of the cave. We then put on wet suits, a life vest and a helmet with a light on it. There was a short walk to the cave entrance where we went down some stairs for our first look inside. At that point the only light was from the entrance of the cave.

The inside of the cave was spectacular as we hiked through shallow water, waded through knee to waist high water at some parts, and even had some swimming through the cave where the water was about chest high. There had been a lot of rain recently so the water was a little higher than usual. It was dark inside except for our headlamps and Aida's flashlight. With the water crystal clear our lights made for some spectaculer scenery. It had to be the clearest water we had ever seen or been in. Cameras are not allowed, although there is a photographer that follows along snapping photos that you can buy at the end of the tour. There are some opportunities for posed shots, although most of them are candids that he takes along the way. I would highly recommend purchase of the CD as it not only has your pictures on it, but many beautiful shots from inside the cave that have been taken since it was discovered a few years ago.

The entire tour inside the cave was probably an hour or hour and a half, although it seemed much longer.

After we emarged from the cave we returned the gear, showered off and dried with towels provided by the Rio Secreto staff. We had the opportunity to review and purchased the photo CD. We were then provided a light lunch and loaded up on an old open air military truck along with all the staff, as it was the end of the day, for the trip back to the home base. That ride was quite an experience as well. Being it was a larger vehicle the ruts and pot holes on the road were still there but we just went right over them. It was a bone rattling ride that just added to the great experience.

We would recommend Rio Secreto to anyone looking for a once-in-a-lifetime experience you won't soon forget. - Always_In_July, Folso, California, Aug 14, 2010, TripAdvisor.

This is a very unique exp, combining...
This is a very unique exp, combining natural site n physical activities (a bit of hiking n swimming). Inside the cave it was incredibly beautiful n mystical. They have small groups going in at 9, 11, and 1pm. We only come across one other group whole we were inside. Master piece of mother nature! - josefina1, Taipei, Aug 10, 2010- Tripadvisor.

untainted, picturesque nature
I get the feeling that as soon as the masses catch wind of this gem that it will become americanized. as for now, it's one of the most amazing experiences of my life and i've been a few places... this is a hands-on experience that includes eyeing stalagtites and stalagmites, viewing underground foreign animals and swimming through the purest water you'll skin will have ever touched. in america, this place is impossible, here you have to duck not to hit your head on the stalagtites! i would have paid triple for this experience. at the time it was $59 per person plus an additional $59 for a cd of the images. no outside cameras allowed...HC5984, Charlotte, NC, Jul 27, 2010- Tripadvisor

Rio secreto is an experience you will always remember.
My family and I went to Riviera Maya for one week and decided to go to Rio Secreto as one of our excursions. What a fantastic choice! The calcium stalagmites and stalactites are amazing and the coral is beautiful, too! Our guide's name was Diego and he was very knowledgable but a little bit aggressive when it came to tiping him at the end. The experience however was mindblowing. I will never forget it. The excursion also allows you to purchase photos taken by a professional while you are on the excursion which is a nice memory to have. Go!!- valthetraveller, Montreal, Canada, Jul 27, 2010- Tripadvisor

We visited on March 16th, 2010 from a Royal Caribbean Excursion. FANTASTIC!. Our group of 5 consisted of 2 kids, 8&10, all the way to Grandma "Nene" (71). Mariana was our guide. I cannot recommend her highly enough. She is half the experience, really. Her gentle pace, messages and illustrations using cave water, rocks, shrimp, fish, bats & a crab all made lasting impressions. At first I was skeptical of not being able to bring a camera or flashlight, but I was so glad I did not. The helmut & light all played into the experience of shutting down, turning on and watching. Plus when I bring a camera guess who is never in the picture! Their photo DVD with Mariana's excellent added shots is well worth the price. Do this and save the beach for later. Great job guys! Jim Slater- Houston Tx, Mar 24, 2010

Best tour we did on our whole trip
I was a little nervous when my husband said he wanted to do this one...but I thanked him afterward! It was just amazing. It is something you probably won't find anywhere else. We had a great guide named Fernando. You could tell he really loved his job and was very knowledgeable. I think he was just excited to show us everything as we were to see it! I was afraid that it would be too cold, but the wet suits really made it tolerable. I wasn't cold after I put my legs in for a few minutes. It was really beautiful to see all the amazing rock formations and gorgeous water. The tour is a full hour and a half, so it is worth the money. After the tour, they served us a light lunch at no additional charge. The pictures are a little pricey, but probably worth it. You are not allowed to bring a camera into the cave, and even if you were, it would be difficult to get good lighting since there is complete darkness in there and everyone in your group has a head light on! The photos they took are better then anything we would have taken with our own camera. We really loved this tour and we definitely look forward to it again!, MDPA-C- Mongomery, Alabama, May 4, 2010- Tripadvisor

Amazing life changing experience. tranquil, informative, humbling

It was amazing! we heard about it from the people who booked our reservation, and we were NOT disappointed! ASK FOR PABLO TO BE YOUR GUIDE!!! he was funny, energetic, and you could tell he actually loved his job and loves coming in to work everyday. the caves were formed over 2 million years ago and the mayans would go there to worship and meditate. this is a humbling experience, you see all the stuff formed millions of years ago, and it's still being formed today. if you are in the area you HAVE to check it out!!! breath taking!!! and again, ASK FOR PABLO!!!!!!! cashworth1984- Cary, Carolina del Norte, April 19, 2010- Tripadvisor

You must experience a cenote

If youve never been in a cenote, you should check it out. Rio Secreto gives a nice tour of a large cenote system. The tour takes you inside the underground caves. Guides were well versed in several languages. A more detailed scientific explanation of the many aspects of the cenotes would have been nice, but may have bored others.

They provide all the gear and make the tour an event

Rio Secreto is a $10-$15 taxi ride from Playa(confirm price with Taxi driver before getting in the Taxi).- DKTravler, Vancouver, Mar 1, 2010 - Tripadvisor

Superb - a "must do"
A fabulous experience - spoiled only by the rather lukewarm "meet and greet" service but once we had met up with our guide Mariana things went from great to excellent. Other reviewers rightly sing her praises so I will not duplicate - suffice to say she was FAB!! The photo "scam" is not a scam really - taking photos would have distracted from actually looking at the fantastic scenery in the cave system and other people's flash photography would have been irritating - also without a water tight casing the camera would prob have been damaged. The photo CD is $55 which includes all the photos wth you and your party PLUS about 100 other pictures taken in and around the cave system. Some superb shots which I think are worth every cent! Alltournatives - the parent company I believe has a genuine interest in conservation of both the natural wonders and the Maya peoples livelihoods and I would wholeheartedly recommend this and the other trips they do. See my review of Maya Encounter! :o) DFHurghada, Hurghada, Egypt, Feb 25, 2010- TripAdvisor

"I just came from the adventure of Rio..."
I just came from the adventure of Rio grande, WOW. To think that we just witnessed a passage through time,4 million years! The cool fresh water,the formations and amazing natural energy of these caves is life changing, cleanses your spirit and I consider myself very.lucky to have seen that with my own eyes. Tour guides were rich with info on the history of the Mayans. A must!!!!!!!!! Milosita- New York, April 29, 2010

"Mother Nature offers the best excursion"
We just returned to Atlanta after spending a wonderful week in Playa del Carmen, and cannot say enough good things about the time we spent underground in the amazing nature reserve of Rio Secreto. This is a spiritual setting -- not a waterpark -- and if you want to experience the beauty of this area, spend some time here. We selected this as one of our excursions based on the reviews on TripAdvisor, and had prearranged the day/time of our trip there before we left the states. A driver from the site picked us up, took us to there, and returned us to the hotel -- no problemo! I do recommend that you not wear ANY sunscreen when you come to this site. A woman in our group felt bad about the potential of her leaving some of the lotion in the river since she had loaded up before coming. There is no need since you are underground the whole time! Our guide was a very spiritual person, who shared the history and science of this underground treasure. And it is a treasure. Take some time out of your busy vacation schedule to get back to what really matters and go to Rio Secreto! -fromAtl, Atlanta, Dec 29,2009- Tripadvisor.

"5 stars is an understatement"

Stepping down into the caves, was like entering into a different underworld, dazzling, serene, and creepy all at the same time. Untouched by humans, the caverns seem to swallow you whole, and it's almost like you dont know where to look first to take it all in. The stalagtites dangling precariously, the stalagmites, the crystal water.....ok I'm being dramatic, but it blew my mind. Practically, we took a bus from our resort and really didn't know what to expect. The staff greeted us and took us (7 of us) in an airconditioned van, deep into the 'jungle' until we reached the base. There they have lockers where you can store your stuff, washrooms, and after showering off you can don one of their wetsuits, a life jacket, a helmet with a light and you're off! The caves are all inter connected and marked off with rope. The tour guides took us through...walking, wading, and swimming from cave to cave, explaining the way the different rock formations formed over time. It was spectacular. A photographer takes pictures, as you are not allowed to bring your own equipment. They emphasize not touching or disturbing the rock formations...after travelling underground for 1.5 hours, you resurface and climb out. By the time you return your gear they have processed the pics, and you may choose to buy any number of packages of photo/dvd. They serve you a shot of some honey/anis liquor (deliciously like sambucca) and then you go and have a sandwich/salad....and you've earned it!! Cost was 89$ US and worth every penny. Service was excellent. Guide was knowledgeable, friendly, and spoke English. The caves, breathtaking. Not touristy AT ALL. From departure from hotel, to Rio Secreto and back again, it took 4.5 hours. All equipment is provided, including watershoes. Not a place for toddlers or babies.-Syl, Montreal- Nov 16, 2009, Tripadvisor

"Rio Secreto - the best experience in Mexico"

My name is Gloria and I am 66 years of age. I have been on a fantastic 2 month vacation to Mexico. Of all the places I have experienced my most memorable experience was my trip to Rio Secreto in Playa del Carmen.
We look at the galaxies and are amazed at the intricacies above us. We look at the nature all around us and are fascinated - but to have discovered the absolute wonder underground as I did when touring Rio Secreto where I saw the beauty of thousands of years of formation was awe inspiring.

The amazing underground, crystal clear, fresh, pure water pools (cenotes) which we floated through in our life jackets were beautiful and refreshing - but the sights revealed above and below us as we entered chamber after chamber was breathtaking! - an orchestra of organs where the stalactites and stalagmites formed masterpieces in harmony creating a magnificence - which left one feeling for hours after the experience that was mystical as well as spiritual. Definitely an experience not to be missed! - Gloria, Cape Town -
26 oct 2009, Tripadvisor

"Must See!"
Rio Secreto | Reserva Natural
This is a must see if you are anywhere near Cancun or Playa Del Carmen. It's less than 1 mile south of Xcaret heading towards Tulum. There is a small sign that reads Rio Secreto. The tours are booked for 9am, 11am, or 1pm. It was $49 USD per person if you book on site. This is my favorite place that I've seen in the 15 countries that I've visited. AMAZING! You take a bumpy ride on a dirt road for a couple of miles and then an reach an oasis in the middle of the jungle where you prepare to see the secret river in an underground water filled cave (cenote). You will love it! Worth every minute and every dollar. - socaljeffrey
Los Angeles -, 15 sep 2008, Tripadvisor

"best excursion in playa del carmen in my opinion"
I can't say enough good things about my experience at rio secreto. the caves were overwhelming...i kept wondering if i'd stumbled into another world because it was so quiet and serene yet exciting because the surroundings were so different than anything i've ever seen. The entire adventure was beautiful and informative. Please don't miss this if you get anywhere near playa del carmen, it was worth every penny (and i would have paid double the price knowing what i know now about its magnificence!) - Wichita, Kansas -  23 sep 2008, Tripadvisor

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