COVID-19 Know the actions implemented by Rio Secreto,

Today Río Secreto needs you!

Río Secreto is the new ecological inspiration of our region. It has recently been designated as one of Mexico’s most distinct and alluring nature reserves, and this unique destination is quickly becoming the pride of all Mexicans.

Visitors often feel transformed by their journey deep inside Río Secreto. It’s a rare and exotic opportunity to admire the unequaled beauty of our beloved Mexico and Mother Earth.

We are a 100% Mexican-owned organization dedicated to conserving our most cherished natural assets. Our region’s biodiversity, natural resources, and people depend on our commitment to nourish and protect the land that sustains us.

Río Secreto’s sustainability is based on Mexican environmental regulations and the use of good environmental practices that safeguard the conservation of the region’s water, flora and fauna.  As a nature reserve, we value and promote eco-tourism in Mexico. Ultimately, Río Secreto represents a successful example of sustainable ecological tourism, sending the nation and the world a message of hope, faith and love.

Río Secreto engenders passion, respect and commitment.

All of us involved in Río Secreto passionately support and promote sustainability and social responsibility.  Although our company is still very young, we are working to create a culture of environmental awareness and socio-economic responsibility that goes beyond the borders of Río Secreto. Our goal is to share our message and inspire our collaborators, visitors and society at large.

Our Situation

We are in a very complicated situation worldwide, our company, although it has grown stronger over the years, lives and survives thanks to tourism, thanks to all the visitors we receive every day. Since the end of March, we have closed the doors of Río Secreto to be part of the solution and eradicate COVID-19. They have been very complicated days, in which we have made the decision not to do without any of our collaborators, since they are the main engine of our company, however, at the moment we have not received any type of support or incentive from our government, which allows us to reduce or postpone the payment of expenses and taxes to maintain our staff of collaborators, and thus be able to continue covering their salaries in their entirety and we are in the need to look for new options that allow us to keep our people with U.S.

Today in Río Secreto we are more than 150 directly and 100 indirectly, communities around us that have been affected by the stoppage of our activities.

And that is why today we turn to you, to ask you to join us and collaborate with us to keep our reservation.